Monday, April 26, 2010

Going back to my roots

We had a lovely weekend staying with my sister and her family on the weekend. She's the sewer in the family and when I wound up my craft market days I passed on all my leftover materials to my sister.

It turns out that she's kept most of it and these boxes are filled with some of the memories.

This stuff dates back to the very early days of Red Dog and Jude - over 10 years ago now!

The boxes are full of cut shapes and bits and pieces to create some of the things I used to make and sell at the markets.

I managed to find a few snaps of some the things that I used to sell. The tool boxes are hand painted and I used to cut the bunny rug shapes, bind them with a simple overlocked edge, and hand paint the detail. I had some cloth labels made up to finish things off!

I used to sell stacks of the Bunny Rugs and I've been thinking about making some for the new baby, with some fresh new designs.

There's quite a few blank ones in the boxes, that are all ready to go. I just have to come up with some fresh new designs, so that's my next project over the coming weeks.

While looking for some market photos, I came across this box of inspiration from many years ago, so I hope to find some ideas for the nursery.

This old colour palette is a great start and I like the touch of grey in this!We should be ready to paint the nursery walls in the next couple of weeks, so we'll have to make some decisions soon!

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Carly Findlay said...

Wow, I remember these! And those pictures bring back the memories of my major ecommerce project that I did for you when I made you a website.
It would be great if you revived this range again for the baby.

Danielle McDonald said...

Ah yes! I'd forgotten about that! Can you believe how long ago that was!?

Carly Findlay said...

It was seven years ago. I was in love with junior manager at Kmart and Darren Hayes.
And about to start a full time job!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I don't wear lipstick at all. And that jacket is from Target, can you believe it!

mama bear said...

Hi Danielle,

Wow you are a busy busy lady indeed! Congratulations on being a new mama soon, such an exciting time for you.
I miss Vic (Melbourne) but I certainly don't miss the weather there. More than happy to bask in the sunshine here! (And suffer without the bookstores and cafes and tree lines streets... *sigh*)

Have a lovely weekend! Anna x