Monday, October 3, 2011

Melbourne town

Another week away! This time we were in Melbourne. Raymond J had a business trip to Melbourne so it was a great chance for us to tag along.
Most of the week was spent catching up with friends and relies, but we made time to explore the lane ways and shops that Melbourne is so famous for.

We were lucky enough to stay right in the heart of town. Check out this view from our apartment window!

It was lovely to get a big city fix again, but it so good to be home.

I also managed to squeeze in another meeting with a potential new publisher which is always exciting. I have so much work on at the moment that it's time to get stuck into things again.

I caught up with another friend who challenged me about not blogging enough of late and I mentioned that I was not sure that I had much to share. It's always tough being busy with projects that I can't share with you until production is complete, but then she reminded me that sometimes it's the processes and inspiration behind creativity that can be so interesting. I'd have to agree with this so I hope to share as much as I can with you over the coming weeks.

But today is a bit of a boring a domestic day to get ready for a productive work week. This house just feels so cluttered. I'm a bit of a messy person, but when it comes to my work environment, I need organisation. Is anyone else like this? It's one of the challenges of working at home. We all dream of our own studio spaces, but for now it's the kitchen table! Anyway, i am procrastinating now..... there's work to be done!
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K said...

For me, the dining room table - and quilting supplies for years stuffed inside the side board cupboard (fabric taking up all the under-bed and upstairs cupboard space. Now, it's what used to be the den - now that the children have flown. And it's not organized. The last project included re-purposed sweaters, needle-felting, embroider, sewing. Others include glass and paints and wood. Bits of everything everywhere. I think I probably find energy in the chaos.

Now if I could just get somebody to pay me for making this mess -