Monday, October 10, 2011


Today I finally had a chance to check over the new book project.

For me the worst part about the process is the legal stuff - the contracts. This one is a 15 pager full of all the legal guff that requires me to send them off to an assessment service for interpretation before I sign them! I use the ASA Contract Assessment Service for all my contracts. You need to be a member to use it, but it's been well worth it for me. Anyway, this one's all sorted and I just need them to send me a couple of hard copies for the final signatures.

Before I start sketching I usually spend some time researching the main topic and theme of the book, along with gathering ideas for how I would like the characters to look. I really enjoy this stage as I love seeing how other artists and illustrators may have tackled similar themes or characters.

Another great bonus is that this research phase usually results in the discovery of a new illustrator or artist that really inspires me. I thought I'd share the latest one with you today.

I obviously don't know much about her, but her name is Coralie Saudo and she has a beautifully designed blog here.

I just love her use of colour. I'd love to pick up some copies of her books - especially as they are in french!! Too cute! Check out her blog if you get the time.
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