Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life in a new town

Here's my little Chai Latte buddy. It's tough to meet new people. Where do you start?
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K said...

Oh, Danni - my honest answer to that question is kind of what I said before. The first thing I would do, moving into a new place, is find the nearest LDS church. It's just the truth. Where I don't have family, the people I connect with that way become fast friends so quickly. Most of the time. Not always. Depends on who they are. But I have met creative, kind, fun people there and made friends who've remained friends for many decades. It doesn't always work out that way.

I think the essence of this is you have to meet people where you have interests that mesh. When you work at home, obviously you're not going to be hanging out with office people (which doesn't all that often end in deep friendships). When you go places where you can end up talking about things more deeply than just chit-chat, where you see them often enough to get real glimpses of who they really are - what kind of character they have - and you learn what they need, so you can do sweet things for them when they need it - and they can do for you - that's how you get connected.

If we ended up neighbors, we'd be friends. I mean, obviously, we already are, as far as internet connections can go. But this little bit of writing doesn't go very far in relieving loneliness, darn it. Sometimes it just takes time to discover kindred spirits. And as dearly as you love your little kiddo - she isn't going to meet all the need a woman has to speak of womanly things.

Have patience.

Carly Findlay said...

I gave you a call earlier today.
I was in the same boat as you when I moved to Melbourne. Knew very few people.
Maybe check out some craft blogs based in Canberra - there are always blogging meet ups.
One of the best things for my social life is Twitter - and friends of mine attest! It's not uncool or scary. I met so many friends from Twitter.
Last night I had dinner and saw a band with two friends I'd Met through the net - a blogging friend who was here from Sydney and a girl I net last year through a Vogue forum meet at rhe gallery.
Some of my friends with chronic illnesses are home a lot, like you are and really have found social media as an important way to connect.
Maybe do a course? Join a craft group? Blog more? Be involved in the blogging community? A mum's group? Exercise class? Or like me - join a tv show - I've increased my friends by about 100 since joining No Limits!
Good luck
Ps I'm on abc radio Canberra Monday a 230 pm talking abt beauty.

Danielle McDonald said...

Some wise words here. Thank you both for taking the time to share your thoughts.