Saturday, February 18, 2012

Phew! What a month!

More copies of my new books have arrived! Can't wait to share them around to family and friends!

I have worked my butt off these last few weeks, juggling multiple projects. (Hence the lack of blogging!!) Finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel- thanks to my parents who basically moved in with us for a week and half to help baby sit while I worked! I have almost finished the full colour kids book I am working on (just touching up the front cover artwork this weekend).

The most exciting news is that I have just finished all of the artwork for the first book in a new 6 book series I have just signed up for. I am so excited by this project. Not only have I been able to help set up the look of the characters, but also all of the cover artwork and logo. Can't wait to share this one with you, but it's still a little way off.

Poor little Jade has been so patient with me. I can't wait to focus back on her for a while, but I like to think she's been inspired by me a little. Here she is singing away while she coloured in next to me as I worked! Little trooper!

Next week will be all about playing in the park, finding a play group and mother's group here so that we can finally get out and meet some people in this cute little town.....Oh, yeah...and unpack some boxes!!

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K said...

How wonderful to be able to make money for the family doing what you'd be doing anyway - because I know you can't keep either your mind or your hands still. But even more wonderful to be able to do it next to your child. Your parents - that they have come to support you while you work your way through this job? This explains to me why you had the spiritual and emotional maturity to stay home with that lovely baby of yours in the first place; you were taught that love comes first. And if that doesn't show in your work, then I'm blind. People in the world don't seem to understand anymore - but love and sacrifice for a child is what deepens us, what teaches us how to have something to say . And I will say this, too - in New York, I ran into editors and publishers who were churning out YA books - without having children of their own or a life with children that could give them any real insight into the people they were supposedly experts at setting up literature for. The irony was bitter. I had a book turned down - in fact, the one I just published myself after long years as a Kindle book - because the exec said, "Real kids aren't like this." When the book was liberally based on VERY real kids doing exactly some of the things that happen in the book. I was FURIOUS when my editor told me what her boss had said. Like living in New York and working in an office all day could somehow give her insight while raising four kids and chaperoning band and choir tours every year for almost a decade and spending three years in the classroom, and ten years in the Sunday School class with kids thirteen to eighteen, and hosting parties - like she knew better than I did what real kids were.

You have a child. You can see what she responds to - what keeps her attention - what fascinates her visually. If you had not really lived with her, what would you have lost?

Your parents - if they turned out a woman like you, I know I would like them tremendously.

shannon said...

jeez man - talk about a show off!! those books look great, well done for working so hard. If it all gets too much you know where I am am to help you out!!

Enjoy your new life in canberra you mover & shaker. make sure you go get yourself on a netball team.