Phew! First week of MATS2 PART A done and dusted! What a brilliant first week. It's so exciting. Several people in the class have described their excitement levels as like a 10 year old child on Christmas Eve. I'd have to agree with that. Each day I barely wait to see what's waiting in the classroom. There is so much wonderful information and inspiration to be shared.

I was extremely nervous submitting my first assignment. It's so confronting putting your work out there for critique! Here is my finished piece and a run down of how it evolved. 

This week was about BOLT FABRIC and we started out sketching berries and pyrex items.

It was so relaxing to just sketch and play. Although I discovered that I was a bit rusty! (Sorry for bad photo.)

Once we received our assignment (to create a bolt fabric yardage based on our sketches and the berry/pyrex/kitchen/vintage theme) I started to look for ways to inject some of my own style into the piece.

I was drawn to some of the amazing patterns that adorned the pyrex during my sketching and studies and this seemed like a fun way to introduce some character.

Unfortunately I stuggled to then create a pattern with them. There was too much detail in a small space. I still feel like there is some fun ideas in here and maybe the graphics will get a run somewhere else!

So I changed direction a bit...

 Out came the paints and I created some textures and line art to get things going a bit. I am really focused on the children's market so I could not resist the temptation to add some characters. This felt a bit more natural to me and out flowed my yardage....not without a few colour experiments.

This week is all bout the Home Decor market. This is another area that I am particularly keen on, so I am really excited!


lil kim said…
Awesome Dan!!! I love this. such a wonderful combination of all the things that are you. Well done you should be proud. Bring on Week 2, eh? :)
Joyce said…
Hi Danielle. Your work looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing your process. It is always interesting to see how people work.

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