I am full of nervous energy at the moment as I count down the hours until I start the Make Art That Sells (MATS PART:A) course. I am excited to get stuck into things, but a bit daunted by the whole concept at the same time! The Facebook group is up and running and it’s already wonderful to be amongst such an inspiring community.

I have moved my work tables into our bedroom, as I was tired of having to move everything out of my work room to set up a bed every time we had visitors. It’s not ideal, but at least now I can leave everything set up and not have to worry about packing all of my work things away - and then finding the motivation to get it all out again!

In celebration of starting the course, I have shouted myself a few new materials to inspire me. I have been meaning to get back to some more hands on, traditional art methods, so hopefully this course will give me the chance to do that.

First day tomorrow, so here’s hoping I can actually get some sleep before the big day! Yippee!


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