Boot Camp March Assignment: Sketching

This months topic for Boot Camp is Jelly. If I was really honest I would have to say that this one is not exciting me the way previous topics have. Our final assignment is to create something for the Bolt Fabric Market, and despite LOTS of sketching and playing, I am not really feeling it yet!

After lots of general sketching I decided to have a bit more fun with it and just forgot about the assignment and imagined I was just creating a piece for my folio (which is the whole point of me doing the course in the first place!

I am really not sure where this is all going at the moment, but I have to submit this assignment early, as we are going away next weekend - AGAIN! I think I will just have to move onto some colour ups and see where it leads me....


Joyce said…
Hi Danielle
You can see you are much more excited about the jelly when your characters are involved.
Love the new header.

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