Saturday, March 1, 2014

Working on more new things

In all of the buzz and hype following the success of Lilla's first Bootcamp Assignment I am suddenly feeling the pressure to update my blog and to get my website up and running.

While I am madly getting stuck into some freelance work during this week off from Bootcamp, I am also trying to find time to work on my new header for my blog.
In the spirit of the Lilla Rogers course I am trying some new things. I have moved up from sketching on A3 sized paper to A2 and am trying to free up my ideas a bit more by just sketching away in ink instead of pencil first. 

I tend to be quite tight with my roughs, using light weight "Bank" paper and tracing them over and over each other to get the "perfect" shapes. It's quite refreshing to just sketch and the linework is already so much more expressive. 

Not sure if there's anything there that I will use yet, but just keeping up the momentum of work is a big step at the moment.

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lil kim said...

Looks like fun Dan!! yes I've been doing the same thing. Who knows who's looking at my crappy website lol, need to get the new one up!!