Monday, November 10, 2014


Yesterday we decided to check out the Southern Highlands Arts Festival Open Studios Art Trail! I have been looking forward to it for such a long time. 

It's such a beautiful area and we were curious about the locations of some of the little studios tucked away bush settings like this:

I loved chatting to the artists about their processes and their different paths and journeys into the art world.

I had been wanting to visit this store in Robertson for some time and was delighted to finally set foot inside this treasure trove.

It's a collaboration between artists Harriet Goodall and Natalie Miller to create a working studio/workshop and shop front. It was sooooo inspiring. I will have to write another full post just about this store, but here's a few teasers....

Then things really got interesting....

We decided to visit one more studio on the outskirts of Berima (on the way home). It was a lovely print making and textile design studio. Well worth the visist.....but then when we finally went to get in the car to head home - IT WOULDN'T START!! We were stuck out the front of the lovely studios of Pattie Jones and Daisy Claridge for 4 hours!! (image sourced here

Pattie and Daisy (and their lovely husbands) were so good to us! 
(Thank you all.)

They gave us food, drinks and even invited the children in to watch some movies while we were waiting! Country hospitality at it's best!

 It started to get a big cold towards the end of the day, and we had not expected to be out all day, so we had to scrounge around for some warm clothes in the car and the bottom of the pram!! Hee, hee...such fashion divas!!

But alas, the adventure continued long into the night!!...

An hour in the tow truck to get to our home town...followed by a desperation dinner at McDonalds....

...and a taxi ride home to the farm....


(Looks like we had a bad batch of fuel in the car, so could be some serious damage...sigh...)

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