I have stewed over this post long enough. Time to just share.

OK. So. Here’s the deal. I have been thinking a LOT about what I want from this year. Last year I took lots of online classes (and loved it). I filled a book with all kinds of business ideas. I let myself dream BIG. Then, I filled out this kit to try to narrow the field a bit, and work out an action plan. And then I had what I guess is referred to as a light bulb moment.


I feel like all of the courses I took in 2014 got me so wound up - encouraging me to BE MORE…and DO more….ACHIEVE more….somewhere along the way I lost sight of what it is I really wanted. The bottom line is that I have everything I need right now. I think I just got swept along with the momentum….

If you had told me in my University years that this is where I would be all these years later, then I would have been delighted! Not just career wise, but with my beautiful family and our gorgeous farm.

I also realised I AM A CHILDREN’S BOOK ILLUSTRATOR! I know that sounds silly after so many years of working in this field, but it suddenly struck me how many people strive for this, and a how long I strived for it! And here I am. I am DOING it. I AM ENOUGH.

I am SO lucky to be working with such fabulous Publishers and Clients and I LOVE my work so much. That’s enough for me.

I am a huge fan of Lilla Rogers’ teachings, and she recently challenged us with these words, "What if you wrote your art goal for 2015 on a sticky note? If you kept it really, really short and sweet and it hit the essence of your heart's desire, what would you write?" How could I possibly narrow the field to just one thing?! Then I realised that for me, it’s as simple as this (sorry it's not on a sticky note!!):

Since taking Lilla’s courses, it’s reminded me of how much I love ALL things creative. I miss the hands-on stuff. I want to MAKE stuff again….like I used to. I want to sew, craft, draw, write….just for the pleasure of it. We are also starting some renovations on our house…I want to paint, tile, mosaic… and I want to embrace farm life a bit more…by MAKING stuff….bread, jam, sauces…

We moved to our farm with the idea of leading a more simple life. Why am I trying to clutter things up? This is not to say that I can’t be open to new opportunity, I just want to enjoy what I have a bit more.

Umm….ok, now I am off to do some sketches for Lilla’s latest Boot camp assignment! JUST FOR FUN – I PROMISE!!


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