Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ella Diaries NEW RELEASE - MAY 2015

Introducing the latest book in the Ella Diaries series. I love the colours in this cover artwork and I had such a great time drawing some crazy animal antics for the inside pages! Yet another GEM in this wonderful series.

It's released next month so keep a look out!

I spotted this in our local library last week! It always makes me smile to see my books out in the 'real world'! It makes me feel like a 'real' illustrator! Maybe one day I will accept that I really am living my dream!

In the meantime, I am currently finishing up the internal artwork for Book #4 in this series, and the cover artwork for Book #5! Busy, busy!!


Adele Read said...

My daughter Hazel LOVES your books, she is waiting in anticipation for the 4th book which is have bought for her Birthday on June 20th... I don't know how she will wait until August for the 5th! You have inspired her to include art in her own handwriting... so cute, thank you.

Danielle McDonald said...

Adele thank you so much for your kind words. I love the thought of inspiring kids to be creative. I hope she really enjoys the next book. We have just sent the August release book off to the printers this week and it looks wonderful. I can't wait for it to hit the stores! Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment. Best wishes to Hazel for a Happy Birthday on the 20th! :)