Thursday, April 30, 2015

Home schooling and farm life.

Proof that little fairies really do live at the bottom of the garden! Aren't they the most delightful little mushrooms?! We have little villages of them popping up everywhere at the moment and they always make me smile.

We also have some new additions to the farm! Look! Our first lambs! 

And there's more to come. It's so exciting. These are the first of our animals to have babies, so we are very proud. We should be getting some calves in the next month or so too. life. This is why we left the city!

We have also been busy:

Making MUD PIES...

Making a SIGN for our new play room: (more on that another day!)

Rearranging the house:
(We now have our own dedicated space to playing and learning, but more on that another day!)

Playing around with making our own crystals:

We saw this one here on Pinterest and we have always wanted to try it! And it's edible! It's an exercise in patience if nothing else!!

I have also signed up for this on-line course on home schooling, but our internet access has slowed to an all-time low at the moment (one of the joys of country living!) so I have not really been able to participate! Arrgh! 

The home schooling blogging world is still very new to me so I don’t really ‘know’ any of the teachers in the course, but it’s just nice to see a bit of an insight into how some families have approached things. I hope we can get some more Australian content happening one day.

Today we are off on a new adventure. There is a local home schooling group starting up regular meetings and today is our first time attending. We won’t know anyone there so it’s always a bit daunting stepping out of my comfort zone, but I know we need to do this. There is a wonderful support group that meets in Canberra, but that’s still an hour away for us. It would be great to get to know some local families who are on this journey too.

Wish us luck! x

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