So many NEW BOOKS arriving!

Checking the mail these days has become pretty exciting, with lots of new copies of my books arriving. Check out the first Foreign Language versions of Ella Diaries - in Dutch!

I am so excited about this. I can't stop looking at them.

Here's a few more newbies that have arrived in the last few weeks:

There was a time in my career when I had a really hard time with the colour I LOVE IT!

I guess you are sick of me talking about how busy I am, so I will skip that bit and let you know I have a beautiful, slick new computer! My last one was 10 years old and was getting a bit shaky, so I thought I had better upgrade before anything disastrous happened. I can't believe the difference in the new one. It's such a step up - particularly with the screen quality! No excuses now.

On the home front, the cute little puppy is driving me nuts! It chews everything. It bites. It's harder to house train than a cat. It wakes us in the night, or cries if we lock it in a room to try to get some sleep!! I think we are ready for some puppy training!!

And just because I don't have enough on my plate, I have signed up for this local screen printing class! I have been wanting to screen print for sooooo long. My husband even bought me all of the gear for my Birthday last year so that I could try it, but I just have not been able to make the time for it. I don't really have the time this weekend either, but it was just too good an opportunity to miss. Unfortunately I could not attend last weekend's session, but I did do some screen printing in my Uni days, so I have some idea how it works.

Anyway, I have some more work due tomorrow, so I had better get on with it.

Until next time....


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