Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ACTUALLY HAND OUT ANY PROMOTIONAL FLYERS MADE FOR A SPECIFIC OCCASION! I made these lovely self promoting flyers especially to inform and convince my potential new "clients" about all of the wonderful things I could offer their business and forgot to actually hand them out!

That said, things went very well actually! The best thing is that I got a wonderful "vibe" from them as being lovely people! I know that some of you would argue that it's not about being "nice", but it's all about business -but it's REALLY important to me to be working with great people. It makes the job more rewarding, and it really motivates and inspires me to do good work for them. I also think it creates more potential to build a long term working relationship.

Must dash - just had an SOS call from my gorgie (gorgeous) bike-riding-to-work husband who needs me to pick him up, following a mechanical issue with the it has also started raining I thought it's the least I could do! Don't you love the flexibility of working from home!

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