Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I KNOW - were you sitting down?! Two posts in two days! AND I have managed to have a play around with the templates and have added some new information! I am out of control I tell ya!!
Anyway - today was a bit of a "get organised" day. Spent the morning finishing off a few alterations to some line art illustrations for a book project I am working on, and then moved onto reviewing my folio.

I am a bit excited about a meeting I have lined up for tomorrow with a "new" baby apparel company. (Well when I say "new" I mean a potential "new customer" for me.)

I have been doing some research and preparing my folio to suit their requirements. Their style is a little bit more subdued than most of my folio so it's a question of convincing them that I can adapt to the brief. Then of course there is the small matter of me answering an ad for a FULL TIME position when I will be offering my services on a freelance basis! (I know, I know - stop shouting, I hear you!) But they already know that and were still prepared to make time to see me, so *"seize the day" if you will.

*Quote blatently stolen from one of my favourite movies "Dead Poets Society", and yes I should have been brave enough to attempt the latin version of the line which would have had more impact, for those of you who have seen it!

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