Sunday, December 30, 2007


After all of the madness and mayhem of the run into Christmas it's been really lovely to catch up on a few things! You may have noticed that I have FINALLY put up my new title bar! I designed it so long ago that I am already keen to update it, but it's a start! (Thank you to everyone who encouraged this!)

I also took the time to take advantage of some empty drawers (still have not unpacked all our boxes since the move!) and have given new life to some studio furniture with a new lick of paint!

I am really pleased with how they have come up, and the bright red adds some drama to the new studio! I also painted the filing cabinet, but the "metallic grey" just came out as black! Oh well, at least it looks neat now!

After suffering in 40 degree heat on Saturday (and with 42 degrees forecast tomorrow) we took pity on poor Maggie's winter coat and Ray shaved it all off!! She always looks hilarious during the first few days, so I just had to share it! I promise it grows back beautifully in no time!

This is just a glimpse of our Christmas table! It makes me smile because the "curtains" are the drop sheets we used when we painted the house and they are just nailed on at the moment! (Which is repeated throughout the house I might add!) I hope we can look back at this picture next Christmas and laugh, while we admire our lovely new curtains!


Rachelle Anne Miller said...

Hi Danielle! I love your new banner - really cute :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you have a very successful new year!

Kelly Medina said...

It is great to see the banner up, it is such a cute sampling of your work.

The red drawers look way cool! Nice job.

Hollabee said...

Love the red makes things look funky ;)

Have a great new year...don't melt in the aircon is on already

Alicia Padrón said...

Yeay! Love the banner!!! :o) Looks wonderful.
What a great dinnig table! It looks so beautiful, and I can't tell anything wrong with the curtains. And the furniture turned out great! It must be so good to have a place to keep your drawings and papers all flat :o)

Alicia Padrón said...

Oh and I bet Maggie feels relieved!! She looks so cute :o)

Chickengirl said...

oh your blog is great! Read your profile and I was like "oh me too! Oh me too!" I always end up doing work mostly for children. R

Yes I agree with everyone, great banner :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your banner, your "new" flat file, and your all over prints!! They are presh! I used to work in childrenswear for about 10 years! Your style is adorable, thanks so much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Oh, all my "accessories" in my studio are red also, down to the stapler!! Something about RED!!

a : )