Friday, December 7, 2007


Well in the absence of me having time to create new and exciting illustrations to post, this bog is turning into one BIG "Inspiration Monday!". But as it actually IS Monday I don't feel so bad in presenting this one today!

Oooooh, before I forget - thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give me some feedback on my Inspiration Monday over the past few weeks! It really does seem to have inspired some of you and I know that some of you have also made some purchases related to these postings, so I am pleased that it's working!

Today I am breaking away from the local theme for a moment to share this new site that I have just discovered. I stumbled across it last week while looking for visual reference for an illustration job I have on the go, and I got totally side tracked by this great site.

It's called Design is Mine, and while it basically showcases great gift ideas, it also promotes some wonderful designers and products. The presentation of themes and ideas is a great source of inspiration for colour palettes and themed ranges.

No photos to tease you with (too many to choose from) but you MUST go and check it out.
If you are a bit short of time YOU MUST at least check out this amazing feature on the design and craft scene in Portland Oregon that was recently posted there. It is titled Part One, so I hope that Part Two follows soon.
(I have some relatives in Portland so this one is dedicated to you Sands and Mick! I hope we get to come and visit soon!)

Now as a lover of Melbourne and all things local I am already getting the guilt's about not taking the time to promote local (and let's face it - I need some sort of picture for this post!) so here is some great product from a local business called Little Chippi.

This is another business doing the rounds at local markets selling cards, magnets and wall art. They have a beautifully designed website that makes it easy to view products and place orders. The website is full of wonderful bright and colourful products and having seen this products first hand at a recent market, the packaging and presentation of these items just makes them irresistible for gifts!
More great stuff next week, (not sure if I will get to post on Christmas Eve which is the following week would you believe?!) and then I will be taking a slightly more personal approach with this feature in the New Year. Stay tuned.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hi Dan!!!! How do you find all this beautiful things??
Love seeing your inspiration Mondays..or Fridays ;o)

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks Alicia. I confess to being a horder when it comes to kids stuff! I am inspired by so many things and I just keep filing them away, so I have a pretty good stash now! Glad you are enjoying it!