Sunday, March 30, 2008

1 Concert 3 Books and 2 Babies (?!)

I have faced a cold hard truth this week:My life will just always run at full pace! I keep dreaming of a time when things will slow down a bit, but I think the reality is that I just seem to create scenarios that make me busy ALL of the time! After three solid weeks of full time work and freelance jobs, I finally gave myself ONE FULL DAY OFF yesterday! I was so tired that it was not really like I had any choice about it!

We celebrated by going to a concert at my favourite venue in Melbourne - The Palais in St Kilda, last night. We went to see The Black Crows, and only realised on Friday that they were in town! We managed to get last minute tickets and our seats were amazing. The show was brilliant and it reminded me that I need to make more time for this sort of thing!

Freelancing has seen me finish off 3 books in 3 weeks! This is a record for me, and I have no idea how I managed to pull it off while working full time as well! (Actually I do! It's called NO SLEEP and working weekends!) Can't wait to share some images with you on these ones!

And to top things off, I have just taken on two more projects. (These are not my first thoughts on the themes - I just found some old concepts to illustrate my point!) I had planned to say no to more freelance work, (to have a rest!) but I can't resist the baby stuff! I love doing baby designs and I also enjoy working with this particular client! So I need to come up with two baby apparel ranges by early next week...and today has dwindled away on boring chores such as grocery shopping and cleaning....hhhhmmm yes, some would call that procrastination, but can you blame me?!

No rest for the wicked, hey?! Oh well, somehow I seem to be at my best when under the pump! Needless to say I have not had time to do another Inspiration Monday for tomorrow, but when I get things back under control a bit I plan to renew this feature day on my blog. Have a great week!

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Carly said...

for a minute there I thought you were pregnant with twins!
hahah you really drew in your readers with your headline!!