Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I feel like I have fallen off the radar of late! With the holiday in Tassie and the craziness of starting a new job, I haven't been able to keep up with the blogging world. But I am still here and have finally found some time to do a quick hello. I feel like I am out of the loop a little and I am looking forward to reading everyone else's blogs over Easter to catch up a bit too.

So - I am now into my second week at my new job and I just feel so lucky to have been given such a great opportunity. It's really odd being the new kid on the block again, and I can't wait to get some runs on the board. I am also really impatient to know everything now. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the process of learning, as it will always be an on-going process. I mean you never really know "everything" do you. Anyway, there are some wonderful people to learn from and I really feel like I can make a contribution too. What more could you want?!

I am still finishing up some freelance projects with two more books on the go. The first two in the series should be hitting stores in the next month or two, and I am due to get a box of them when they come in, so I promise to share them with you.

Anyway - I hate posting a stack of words without a picture, so I delved into the archives for some reference. This image is one of may favourite "reject" concepts from an apparel line I developed. I could not resist including the product application in this one! I can so clearly imagine the quality and finish of this item, but alas, it is destined to remain a concept only.

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shannon said...

ahem, no patch on crocodiles eye?? are you moving on....??

lil kim said...

Hey Danielle, welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time away and you are having fun at your job. Fantastic!

ps. I love those japanesy bags from your inspiration Monday, may have to find me one of those!

Danielle McDonald said...

Ahhh, Shannon, you know me too well! you to notice that!

Kim - I can't wait to check out your blog and catch up with all of your news. We are overdue for that coffee too!