Friday, June 18, 2010

Cry Baby

Can I blame pregnancy hormones for cry baby sessions of late? Let me explain:

5 irrational reasons to cry at work yesterday:

1. Work colleague 1: " You look tired are you OK?"
ME: "Yes just tired". Commence tears.

2. Work colleague 2: " Here - you look like you need this"...hands me chocolate.
ME: Commence tears.

3. Later in the day. Colleague 3: "You look a bit rough today, maybe you should go home early".
ME: Commence tears.

4. Finally get into car for home time.
ME: Cry with relief and don't have to hold back!

5. Pick up husband in city. He's so concerned about how I'm feeling that it makes me cry! (He's so lovely!)

Needless to say was absolutely exhausted yesterday. Slept for 11 hours last night and my morning starts off like this:

1. Cried because yesterdays storm blew all the washing off the line, and it needs to be re-washed.
2. Cried because there's no wood at the back door to keep the fire going.
3. Cried because I can't find 2 pairs of jeans I took away with me last weekend when visiting my parents (no they're not there either!)
4. Cried because there's dishes in the sink that need my attention (of course I will ignore them!)

I think I just need to go back to bed. Thankfully I have an annual leave day today, and am heading off to Daylesford this weekend for a girlie weekend. I hope I'm better company than I've been the last couple of days! Could be just what I need!

Now after all those those tears there are still some things that can make me smile. I love where we live! Check out these early morning shots of our property.

Enjoy your weekend!
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lil kim said...

Oh... those nasty hormones. Next time you feel like crying just look at those gorgeous gumboots! :-)

Looking forward to catching up with you soon...

Edie Mindell said...

It's okay to cry once in a while; tears are also good for the eyes. :-) If you feel like crying for something that is bothering you, just always look on the brighter side of the story. Think of happy thoughts always. :-)