Monday, July 26, 2010

A belly pic!

I've had a few requests for some BELLY pics and have been meaning to get one up here for a while. This is a few weeks ago and I'm already bigger than this now!

With only about 4 weeks to go, I'm starting to feel the effects of the late stages of pregnancy! I'm not wanting to venture too far from the house and my sleep pattern is already broken up with endless loo stops, painful leg cramps and aching hips! All part of the training for all of those sleepless nights ahead (and all worth if of course!!). The little flutterings of movement have become strong kicks, and my internal organs seem to be getting a bit of a bruising these days.

The nursery is coming along well, our bags are packed for the hospital and we seem to have most things organised should the baby decide on an early entry into this world....oh, except for the baby seat fitted in the car, a mattress for the cot, a change mat for the change table, the much STUFF for such a small little thing!

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Adriana said...

It's such an exciting time.

I remember those awful leg cramps.
So painful... My whole calf muscle would totally seize up and I couldn't move.

Hope everything runs smoothly.
It sounds like you're very well prepared!

Emma said...

Ooo can sympathize, my hips used to seize up randomly and lying in bed was agony first time around. I wiish I had known what I know now and gone to a chiropractor who can adjust you back and hips so they don't hurts and it's amazingly good for the baby too... Highly recommend!!

Btw, I adore your bathroom with the bold use of the blue bath. It works soooo well with the stonework that it looks like a spa... I want me one :)