Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Commence the nesting!

We are now 33 weeks into the pregnancy and somehow I still can't take in that we will have a baby in this house in a little while. It's just too exciting.

Time just races by and I have now officially finished work. While it was with mixed emotions that I headed off on maternity leave, I'd have to say that deep down I'm quite relieved in the end! The travel was getting too much and the exhaustion has set in. I've been sleeping 10 -12 hrs a night (with several loo stops of course!) but my body is really demanding some rest time!

Having said that, I've just enjoyed a week of family staying over which meant we could finally get some furniture moved into the nursery! Here's the progress so far:

I still have to work out what to do with that window that you can see above the shelving. I assume it was meant to have a stain glass window in it at some point but the previous owners never finished it. It opens into the living room/kitchen, and I'm thinking of adding some shutters...or creating a diorama, or simply some curtains!

Funnily enough, there's more red in here than I planned, but I love it, so am going with the flow on this one!

Even the feature wall has come up well with the contrasting red in front of it! I have started buying the nappies, creams, wipes etc etc and I can't believe how much STUFF babies need! It was really odd buying my first pack of nappies!

We've picked up a second hand cot, and I am still avoiding the whole pram buying thing! It's just too overwhelming. I've no idea where to start with this - there's just too many options out there and how are you meant to know what you'll need when you've never used one!!

My wonderful work colleagues helped to start things off on the clothing and toy front, so we can now build on that.

I'm not sure when things will start to feel real for me! The baby is certainly active enough to be a constant reminder, but somehow I still can't take it all in! I guess I have several weeks now to just focus on the nesting instinct and to enjoy the build up to such a life changing moment!

I've also given in to the crafting bug, so lots to share in the coming days!
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Chasing Purple Dreams said...

On the pram front look for something light (you will be lifting it in and out of the car), small (you don’t need it to take up the whole boot) and try steering a few with one hand, you will have to do this at times. I chose a Mothers Choice 3 wheeler that was on sale (only $100) you can spend closer to a thousand if you get carried away. I’m glad I didn’t spend too much as it hasn’t had that much use. I had a Maya Wrap ring sling and I loved it so much (the best baby item I owned hands down) we used the sling everyday and I only bother with the pram for long excursions or walks around the neighbourhood. The nursery looks great, enjoy your nesting time.

Danielle McDonald said...

Ooooh, great advice - thank you!