Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space

I got a little distracted away from the book project this week to see how this dog character would adapt into a different product. I've been working on some projects from this great basic book, and pushing the designs a little further.

This is my interpretation of the rattle. I had to put x3 bells in it as the stuffing really muffled the noise of the bell, but I think it's turned out quite cute!
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Knicky Knacks said...

How clever are you! That's fantastic. Love your creativity and the journey of your creative space blogging. What wonderful characters.

Anna Bartlett said...

That's excellent. I looked at that book and held myself back, thinking the projects were probably too simple (and I have a stack of other books I have yet to make things from), but making the items your own, by more than just fabric choice - that's really clever. Love your character, love your extension of the project. Thanks so much for sharing again!

Ruby Star said...

gorgeous rattle. not so much cute boy stuff around so i think this is really great.

Carly Findlay said...

Awww too cute!
You are clever.

gretchenmist said...

ooh, it's really cute! love all the detail you've put into it.
thanks for your comment :)

Claire Gale said...

what a brilliant rattle and thanks so much for your suggestions - i love your style so i'll have heaps of fun there :)