Friday, August 13, 2010

39 Weeks.....and counting.

Forgive the headless image, but I just wanted to share another belly pic! This was taken last week. Yes, I managed to get out of the house to celebrate the 12 month anniversary of our big "tree change" from city to country life!

We treated ourselves to lunch in Echuca - something we did 12 months ago to celebrate the actual move, so it was amazing to think that a year had already passed us by.

It's been an incredible 12 months, and we have not regretted our move for a single moment. Raymond J has landed a local job now and finishes up in the city on Friday next week (the due date for our baby's arrival!) I know that the chances are we will go past this date, but it's slightly nervous timing for us both!

At least he doesn't start the new job until late September so it will be lovely to have some home time together when the baby arrives. We will finally get the chance to become "locals" after a full year of us both continuing to work in Melbourne.
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michelle said...

very exciting times. good luck. have a lovely baby

lil kim said...

Oh wow, you HAVE been busy!!! Not only baking the bun, but lots of fun art projects... Good On YOU!

congrats to Ray for the new job! That must be a relief to be closer to home now. great that he'll have some 'paternity leave' in the beginning :)

had a great time o/s -- planning to blog about it this weekend but just wanted to check in on you bella, glad to hear all is well.

K said...

And the new life begins to unfold . . .

nic jackson said...

My precious friend Dan. It has been too long since I have explored your blog. It makes me miss you so much. You are such a talented, beautiful soul. I am sending you lots of love and best wishes as you await the arrival of your precious little baby. I hope you are resting up and that Ray and Roxy are taking good care of you. We look forward to hearing your very special news very soon. Take care XXX