Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am suddenly HUGE and finding it tougher to move around. The baby is so active, and my tummy is so tight! I have officially adopted that pregnant waddle and am reluctant to be seen in public!

I've also become really tired of late and have had a few couch days of just chilling out with some knitting and trashy TV. I have not been alone though, with our our dog Roxy becoming such a sook of late! I don't know if she's sensing some changes on the way, or changes in my behavior? I don't know, but she's become my body guard of late! I just need to teach her to use the phone in case things kick off when no-ones around!!

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Adriana said...

Roxy is beautiful.
I'm sure she can sense that something exciting is about to happen.
Dogs are amazing companions - and so important for children too.

Go the pregnancy waddle!

Anonymous said...

I reckon she could sense the change in your hormones, their smell is amazing.

I was wondering the same about my dogs back in November! ;)