Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nursery update

I've packed up the sewing for a bit, but not before finishing off a few more half started projects.

I wanted to create these bags to hang off this gorgeous "MOOSE" wall hook feature that we picked up in IKEA some months ago! It's one of my favourite features in the room and we finally attached it to the wall. We've also added a blackboard feature underneath the MOOSE which is just crying out for some scribbling!

I'm also keen to add more grey and orange to the room, and this has been helped by a beautiful gift of a brand new pram from my husbands parents. Oooh and check out the cushion that I made for the rocking chair. It's backed with the orange spot fabric I used for the drawstring crocodile bag, so it's kinda cute!

You can see that I STILL don't know what to do with the windows! Curtains? Blinds? Wooden or coloured venetians?

We've also finally hung the lantern in this room, but I have about another 4 to hang at different levels around it to create a cluster.

This week I want to focus on getting some things hung up on the walls. My lovely husband offered to pick up a blank canvas for me that I've been meaning to create for above the cot. I asked him to get something about the size of two A3's joined together and check out the ridiculous size that the shop assistant sent him home with! (Below, right image!)

I'm torn between daunted and up for the challenge to have a go at one this size! I've never done one before, but maybe if this is my focus this week it might take my mind off counting down the days to our baby's arrival!!?

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CurlyPops said...

Loving the teal and red colour theme - and how cool is the shape of that window? I can see the dilemma in trying to work out what to use to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Ahh, I see you have a 'Bugaboo'!! We wanted to buy one but we didn't have enough money so we ended up with a Phil & Teds Sport.

Ange B said...

Hey danielle, long time no type! I have been totally immersed in my studies and finally feeling that I will actually make a living out of my creativity...Phew! Im so pleased that things are going well for you and Ive been quietly keeping up to date with your blog. All the best for the weeks ahead! Take care...

Danielle McDonald said...

Ange B. Have been wondering where you've gone. Great that you are progressing so well with your studies. Thanks for stopping by

K said...

And I'm up for seeing you fill that canvas - after seeing what you do on a smaller scale. The nursery looks fab - the color will be good for baby eyes, almost as good as for grown up ones. Everything looks charming. And my babies came into the world to much, much less - yours will be off and running!