Friday, November 11, 2011

Illustration techniques

I've had a helper this week. It's startling how natural she looks!

Despite the odd interruption it's been quite a productive week.
On the book front we are still working through the final look of the main character. The first drawings were too young for the age group, then next batch of reworked sketches were still too "cute" looking, but this latest batch look much more fun and age appropriate so I am just waiting on feedback from the publisher before going to the next stage. I love all the back and forth of working with publishers. Sometimes you nail it all fist go and other times you get pushed in a different direction, but I always find it makes the final result so much better.

So I this week I have swapped projects and moved onto a home decor based job that has been ongoing for a while. I've had a lot of fun trying out new techniques and styles.
This latest look is a variation on the "live trace" approach I applied to some characters that I shared with you in this post.

First of all, I painted up a few different textures using the side edges of some thick cardboard dipped in paint and stamped onto paper.

I then scanned the page into the computer and using the "live trace" function again in Illustrator I was able to turn the art into vector based shapes that could then easily be coloured and applied to images.

You can layer it up to create pattern and texture, or use various masks to fill shapes.

By simply applying it over the top of this image it's helped to create a bit of added interest.

Or by masking it into various shapes and colours you can get a lovely textured feel to an image.

Lots of fun!

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K said...

I love how much fun you have with this.

K said...

Oh - and I have found it utterly remarkable, in my time on the planet, how the children being born now seem to take to our tech as though they were designed to interface with it. I wonder if, with the opportunity to play with the stuff myself as a little one, I'd have responded like my children have. My baby just took a major exam for his C++ class at university today and got 100% on it. This stuff just seems to be what he's wired for.

samantha said...

Hi there, Danielle. I discovered your blog today and, as an artist and mother of one five year old and twin three year old daughters, I must say, there is MUCH about your life and work to which I can relate!! Re your beautiful applique shirts that are now too small, just cut the T-shirts up and applique the panels onto larger shirts. When you have time, of course....... Good luck with everything and I look forward to being a regular follower.

JaneA said...

Great blog post! You've given me so many ideas for creating my own patterns and textures for illustrator and photoshop.