Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh Crappy Dayzzzz....

One word to describe this week? Nuisance.

1. Trying to co-ordinate dropping off the car to panel beaters (to repair the hail damage) when:
- it's half an hours drive away from our new house
- you have not organised a hire car (too expensive!)
- taxi ride home is far too expensive
- you don't know anyone in your new town to ask for help
- you have to take the baby car seat with you once you leave the car behind
- your baby pram doesn't fold down to fit neatly on public transport
- you have a toddler with you!

2. Living without the car for two weeks while it goes to the panel beater AND hail damage repair specialist!

3. Organising to have all cards and drivers licence replaced after stupidly loosing my wallet on the weekend:
- Need new drivers licence but need to get it issued in a new state since our move (neither state wants to take ownership of re-issuing it)
- have only just moved so have nothing listed with our new address here yet, so can't get new licence until I can prove where I live!
- having no access to any money while the cards are being replaced (well, thanks to hubby I can get by for a bit!...)


So why the picture of the busy bees? It's my daughters new favourite sound - the buzzing of bees. She does the cutest little hand movements showing how the bees buzz about, while making the sweet buzzing noises! She see's them everywhere now and it always makes me smile!

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1 comment:

K said...

Forgive me as I laugh. The title is wonderful. The mess is familiar. Ach, there's hardly anything in the world as annoying as having to replace your wallet - stopping everything, replacing everything = all the time wondering if someone is buying recreational property on your card before you can cancel it. And the transportation problem. But then, perhaps you will meet even more people if you yell for help. I will keep fingers crossed that things work out well, and leave sympathy right here for you to pick up whenever you need it.