Kitchen antics

We borrowed this book from the library, and it's been so wonderful that we have since bought ourselves a copy online.
I have never made sausage rolls before in my life and I was very proud of how these turned except that I read the fine print on the recipe a little late and realised that the recipe was for 70 sausage rolls!! I see now why they are usually to be found at parties!
The book is designed for children to learning cook, but being the novice that I am in the kitchen, I have found these recipes to be both easy and very tasty! Of course even after slaving away on some great new recipes there's no gurantee that your toddler will eat them, but at least we are trying to mix things up a bit.


lil kim said…
Thanks for your comment Dan :) Just playing the waiting game now! Very very excited of course.... hope you are well. Looks like you are busy as always and my, Jade is beautiful!!

take care xx
K said…
Hmmmm. Looks like my level of kitchen skills, too. And I'm hungry. Right now, actually. The thought of sausage rolls, and little egg things - I'm very tempted to hunt this book down. Oh, man, I really am hungry. And loving the picture in my head of the artist and the toddler, mucking about in the kitchen together. I used to have the children help me make the Christmas cookies - I'm smiling at the memory.

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