In all of my frustration at not being able to share my current projects with you, I had forgotten THIS new book was due off the printing presses!
My advance copy has just arrived in the mail today. I am so happy with it. The colours are wonderful. (Once again please forgive my dodgy photos - I am in the process of learning how to improve them.) Here's a bit of a sneak peek. I have also included some artwork files just to show you how the colours really look.
This page had a few tweaks made to it before it went to print....
Some of you may notice that this is a slightly different style from my usual work. I have been working in the toddler and baby section for so long that I was a bit rusty on the older kids style. Fortunately my wonderful publishers were patient enough with me to coax this lovely work from me and I am very proud of this one.
Oh, and look. There's even a mention of my previous book in the back of this one. Makes me feel like a 'real' illustrator...sometimes I forget! Type Summary Here Type the rest here


K said…
Fun work. I love the colors and the devil-may-care characters. I was struck by what you said about the editors being patient and coaxing work out of you. They don't do that very often anymore, so you must know how worth it you are to them. It's so exciting to get an advanced copy, and yes - I would say that you're a real illustrator. But somehow, we never really feel real, do we? Wonder why?

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