Pinterest addiction

As if I don't have enough demands on my time at the moment, I have recently signed up to Pinterest. I must admit that it's way too easy to spend a ridiculous amount of time exploring the gorgeous imagery collected there (time that should be spent doing my freelance work!) but I really REALLY enjoy it. I have always collected images that inspire and motivate me from the internet, but Pinterest makes it so quick and easy to collate them all onto the one location. It's also a great way to discover new websites and to revisit some old favourites. Click on my 'Follow me on Pinterest' button in the side bar if you want check out what I have been pinning there!


K said…
I'm not heavily invested in it, but my daughter talked me into stock-piling inspiring images here instead of on my hard drive, and indeed - when I want to go back to the source, I find that isolated images are not much help. But it is fun - I'm just neck deep in the book and photo-family-history biz, I've not much time to go poking around.
Fi Fi Lamour said…
Told you that it is addictive ;) Can't wait to catch up again one day around your part of the world maybe. Miss you :x Kisses and hugs to all :x

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