Sunday, August 3, 2008


So much for blogging more often! It's been a crazy, busy week at work and at home. This coming week will probably we worse, with heaps on at work, and more freelance stuff to get through!

I also have a full weekend next weekend, including working at a tradeshow AND attending a conference for my "real" job, and on the freelance front I will be taking part in a special book store promotion to help promote one of my books!

I'm a bit excited (and scared) about it actually! Next Saturday I will running a "how to draw" session at one of Melbourne's popular bookstores to help promote the series of books I have been working on! I hope to share more about this after the event - maybe even some photos?

Chances are that it will be another week or so before my next post, so I just want to leave you with a couple of things to look at:

I have been wanting to share these graphics with you for a while - it's my favourite pyjama design so far. I think the colours got changed around a bit after I handed over the artwork, so I am not sure what the final product looked like! This lot should be out in stores by now too!

Some of you may be familiar with how gorgeous my husband is through his beautiful and cheeky comments here on my blog. Well, he has taken the plunge into this big wide world of blogging himself, and started his own blog! It's basically gardening based, and it already gives a bit of insight into how much work we need to do on ours! It's just not been on the priority list since the big move but that should change over the coming months. Anyway, if you're interested then check it out here!

Phew, what a long post! Making up for the quiet times I guess! Anyway, have a fabulous week everyone!

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Shannon Melville said...

gorgeous designs and colours :) very cute too. You sound like you have been really busy, but I guess at least you will never get bored and you sound like you have some really exciting things happening with your books, all the best with the drawing session.

PotatoMamma said...

love these!