Monday, August 25, 2008


Well for yesterday actually! I am lucky enough to be writing this at home today as in my new "REAL" job we get a day off for our birthday! Mine fell on a weekend this year, so I got the Monday off! How cool is that!!? My husband also has the day off (well he did have work on my ACTUAL birthday, yesterday)so it's lovely just to have the day at home together today.

I celebrated over the weekend by getting my hair cut REALLY short! It was pretty long as I realised to my horror that I had not had it cut since my last birthday!Eeeek! Anyway, I love it! It's so liberating!

I was also spoiled with flowers, cards, gifts, phone calls, dinners and more! Thank you to all of my family and friends!

We also went to see this brilliant film, this great production, and am off to see this guy.....

tomorrow night, AND we are staying the night in the city! (On a "school" night!) Yeah, I know - I am VERY spoiled. I love you Raymond J. x

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