Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Oh my gawd. How boring has this blog become? It's getting embarrassing. I was reading back through some of my older stuff, and it was actually interesting! I hereby pledge that I will lift my game and start sharing some interesting all of the crafty gifts I want to create, and the amazing transformation that my house is going to undergo when I finally break the white boredom that is a brand new house.....followed by all of the great little animations I want to experiment with.....and all of the life drawing that I want to do.....and......books I want to write.....and.....if only we didn't have to sleep!

Were you really interested enough to click here and see if there was more to read? Well, I am also curious to know if anyone will leave a comment when there are no pictures! (Thanks if you do!)


Shannon said...

Life drawing eh? Id be maybe up for some of that action if you did it on maybe like a monday weeknight or something.....?

and, netball starts again this week. 9.05.

there you go, got a comment!!

nina seven said...

OK, I'm gonna comment. I, too always wonder if anybody even cares what I'm writing about and if it's boring, especially with no pictures! I personally enjoy your blog and your work, so there you have it!

Chickengirl said...

Believe me, thre are us lurkers out there that are reading what you have to say!!! I know what you mean though, sometimes with a blog we are always wondering, is anyone out there?!?

We are here :-)