Sunday, August 17, 2008


After an exhausting couple of weeks, we finally found ourselves faced with the luxury having nothing at all to do for two whole days in a row!I think it's called a WEEKEND! (....I just had to ignore my freelance stuff this weekend! I was far to tired to even think about more work!)

So where to go when you have nothing better to do with your time? IKEA of course! We finally decided it was time to get our clothes off the floor and out of boxes, and this is the fabulous combination that we came up with! Yes, that is a hole in the top of the cupboard! It's so we can just throw our shoes into it! Cool huh?...or is it kinda weird?! Oh well, WE love it!

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lil kim said...

Cool! I love the red! That shoe thing is a bit weird but hey, if the shoe fits... (sorry, that was bad)

I've been thinking of you and how you renovated your whole house because we have just started preparing to paint our lounge room walls, including some replastering, and fixing major cracks, etc. I'm sure you would have some pointers and commiseration stories!

Chickengirl said...

ooooh I love that. I Love Ikea...its always a day of fun, I love going to the cafeteria and eating their swedish meatballs too. Yum.

Shannon Melville said...

i am envious, wish my house looked as tidy as this! i think the hole in the draw is a great idea, ours are all scattered over the floor in our wardrobe!