Monday, May 17, 2010

Reality Check - WEEK 26

We are now part way through week 26 in the pregnancy and I’ve had a bit of a reality check! I’ve been in denial about the actual birth process and not sure whether to just ignore it and take my chances, or if I should do all the research I can to try to prepare myself!

Well I was getting some wood from the woodshed for our fire recently, when I picked the wrong piece of wood from the stack. It caused a mini avalanche from the higher stacking which resulted in a large block falling from above my head right onto the top of my foot.

It hurt so much that I was not sure if I was going to be sick or pass out. I did manage to get back to the safety of my couch though where I recovered pretty quickly.

Naturally this got me thinking about how on earth I am going to have a baby if I can’t even cope with an injury pain!

So I decided it was time to hit the books!

Having skim read them all, here's my conclusion:
It’s really difficult to prepare for something that you just can’t comprehend! I can’t help feeling that all this advice and preparation is all well and good for your second child, but it’s hard to take it in for the first go at this!

So I will continue to focus on keeping fit and healthy and enjoying the increased movement and kicking of our lovely little baby. We have a Friday night ritual where we tuck up in bed together and my husband reads aloud (from this book) the corresponding week of pregnancy that we are up to. It tells us what’s happening this week with the development of both baby and me. It’s been a lovely way for us to enjoy the milestone of each week closer to meeting our baby.

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