Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First belly teaser!

Just wanted to share a bit of a peek at my little tummy! See how it pops out over the top of the book? Makes me smile as glance down to follow the pattern I am knitting.

Knitting has been a wonderful way to help me slow down and relax. It's quite therapeutic and not too much of a brain strain either!

I'm still feeling really well, but am starting to get tired a little more easily these days. I am still working full time and traveling into Melbourne two days a week, and I'd have to admit that I'm virtually going straight to bed as soon as we get home - at around 7pm! (Mind you, we leave home at 5:30am, so it's a long day at the best of times!)

It's the kind of tired that leaves me so shattered I can barely hold myself up to sit in a chair. It's quite a bizarre feeling. I'm sleeping really well too! It's been great to give in to things when your body just screams at you to take things easy, rest or slow down. I realise now how much we normally just push our bodies to the limits and ignore any warning signs to slow down or take it easy. Now I am loving just giving in to it and giving myself permission to just put the feet up whenever I can.

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Kristi said...

Oh yes, nurture and nourish. Thank you for you kind words over on my little blog.