Saturday, May 15, 2010

I had a lovely "Mother-to-be" day for Mothers Day last weekend and got some extra smiles from people when I wore this lovely gift out to our cafe lunch! We are around the 6 month mark now and it made me feel extra special!

I visited the Craft Alive show in Bendigo today and as expected it was a bit too traditional and nana-ish for me. Having said that, now that I've done my colour board for the nursery I see things everywhere in the colour palette I like!

I seem to have a thing for ribbons and ric rac at the moment! I also loved these cute animal cookie cutters. They hand made in Australia by a Ballarat based business called BISK-ART. Can't wait to try them out (um...of course I have to learn how to bake first!)

These lovely books arrived in the post and prompted another visit to the Bendigo Woolen mill to top up some supplies. I've never crocheted before, but if I'm ever going to start then these books have inspired me. I know I should finish my current project before taking on another, but I've almost finished knitting the cardie, and I need my expert Mothers' help to finish it off (with the neck band and sewing it all together!)

Ok - so time for a nursery update. The rocking chair and the lamp have now arrived and last weekend we visited IKEA for some inspiration. I fell in love with this cool Moose! You attach it to the wall an hang things from it! I just love it. We also picked up a great floor rug but I could not find an image to share with you.

We finished weather-proofing the shed today (well, I say WE but of course I mean my husband!) and we are now ready to start moving things out of the spare room! (I've had to cram some of my crafty things into a corner in our bedroom for now.) Hopefully we can clear the room for next weekend, and then we have some cupboards to pull out, and carpet to rip up...(again, of course, when I say WE I mean my husband!)

I can't wait to get some colour on the walls, so hopefully I can start to share some of the BEFORE shots of the room as we progress into the transformation!
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Fi-rocious said...

You went to Ikea without me! I am devastated! Hee Hee! After seeing you in pain on more than one occasion (like Athens Airport) I do not know how you are going to do it either :) I'll be thinking of Ray (I mean you). LOL :x