Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo Fest

I met up with my sister in the city (Melbourne) on Saturday morning for a wander through the lane ways. It's been AGES since I've done that and we had a lovely morning.

We came across a lovely collection of cup cake decoration kits. Yet another reason I have to learn to bake! There's plenty more to choose from on their website here.

I was stopped in my tracks by this stunning store called Bison Australia and their website makes me want to work there! Check it out here. Of course all I could think about was applying some of these lovely colours to the nursery.

I'm loving the orange actually. I wonder if I have the courage to use it on one of the nursery walls.

I did manage to pick up a few extra items for the nursery that fit nicely into the colour scheme.

I'll frame the set of four greeting cards I picked up. The blanket was on special. And I have no idea what I'll make with the fabric! I just loved the print, and the colours fitted the nursery theme!

Now I know you wont quite believe this, but this beautiful new table is also destined for the nursery! and it gets worse. I intend it to be the change table!

I just wanted something that we'd use again long after the need to change nappies!

Here's a bit of a close up view. I PROMISE to make a special cover to protect the surface, and I'll take extra care of it! We also picked up three lovely stools that we've been needing for the kitchen bench too. I promise they will STAY in the kitchen.

So, with all this talk of nursery stuff, I'm starting to feel we are running out of time to get things underway. We're heading into a REALLY busy period of having something on almost every weekend now for the next 4-5 weekends, so today it was time to make some progress.

The cupboards had to come out as they are too close to the door - and, well let's face it - they're pretty ugly! There was so much "stuff" to pack up and we managed to move it all out into the the newly renovated shed!)

We converted what used to be a horse stable into a storage shed and moved all of our old cupboards into it for safe storage. The amazing thing about this is that my husband somehow managed to do all of the heavy lifting on his own!! He somehow managed to works some magic with a wonderful trolley that he invested in from Bunnings - worth every cent I'd say.

So, we still need to pull up the carpet, but we may have some visitors in the coming weeks so we'd better leave the bed in until the last minute.

We've ordered some floor boards that should be ready to be installed within a couple of weeks, but I really wanted to paint first.

Hhhhmmmm, I'd better make some decisions on some colours!
Is it rude to ask our visitors to pick up a paint brush and give us a hand?!!

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Carly Findlay said...

Wow you've been busy. I love that table!
As for the colours - the Bison wares are so lovely. I say go the orange!
Well done to husband for moving the heavy stuff too.

Kristi said...

I love the idea of using the table as a changing space, and the colors of the pottery are quite stunning. I am a huge fan of orange and pale blue.

bicocacolors said... beautiful ♥!
congrats for your blog.
Elena, the spanish one