Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back to the real world...

Now that the Make Art That Sells course is done and dusted, it's back to the real world a bit now. I feel like I have been in this magical place for the last few weeks and I allowed myself to just get caught up in it all.

This meant putting a few projects on hold for a while, but of course they have now all become urgent!

I have had to call in my parents to come and help baby sit for a week or so, in order for me to get some work done! (They live about 4 hours away!) They are heading home on Monday, so I need to keep at it over the weekend to make the most of my time.

Here is a bit of a peek at one of my current projects. I hope to share things in more detail soon, but for now I just need to get on with things. It's part of a series of 'readers' (books for children who are just learning to read), so the images, layout and text all need to be quite clear and simple. 

I have hand painted the characters with black line work to create focus for them, and all backgrounds and incidental detail is flat colour with no outlines - again to allow the characters to be the main focus.

Check out the full series here until I can share more detail with you. 

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