Ok - the Make Art That Sells(A) blog tour is officially underway. I have included the current schedule below. There is a huge amount of talent hidden in amongst this group and if you are interested in learning a bit more about the course, or seeing what other students have come up with for various projects then this is the tour for you! 

Basically the way it works is that on the given dates, each person will post a special review of their experience and thoughts on the course. (This list may be subject to change as more students get on board with it! There are also lots of timezones covered so the dates are a guide.) I am scheduled for the 4th of December, and am looking forward to gathering my thoughts to share with you then. The first three reviews have already been posted, so off you go! Get touring! x



Martina Lenhardt-

Melissa Doran-

Sarah Gager -

November 27

stephanie corfee -

November 25

Son Atwal Sonia Atwal -

November 26

Sarah Ehlinger-

Jordan Vinograd Kim-

November 27

Jen Burbridge -

Carolina Coto -

November 28

Eva Marion Seyffarth -

November 29

Anna Whitford -

December 2

December 3

Melinda Hopkirk -

December 4

December 5

Renske de Kinkelder-

December 6


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