Monday, November 11, 2013


Ta-dah! My final MATS2 assignment! I am too tired to do a full write up of the processes for this one tonight, but I just had to share this with you. I am so happy with it! Expect a more detailed post about this one later in the week!
Right now I just need some sleep! Good night all!


lil kim said...

AWESOME work Dan! I am so amazed by the wonderful pieces you have put up in this class, especially knowing you are also looking after 2 little ones at the same time! You're an inspiration. Well done. We made it! :)

It's been so great to share this class with you --Are you doing Part B?

take care
Kim xx

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks Kim! Wasn't the whole experience just wonderful?! I know that you have created some gorgeous work yourself and with a little one to look after too! It's a real juggling act isn't it! I have signed up for Part B - have you? I would also love to do some of Rachael Taylors classes too...maybe next year though. Too much on at the moment.

lil kim said...

Yes I'm doing B as well. it can't come soon enough! (though I will be happy for a little break!! ;-)

Good luck with all your freelance work