Sorry it's taken me a few extra days to update you with my course. Things are crazy busy at the moment, and November is going to be a bit full on for me with a heavy freelance workload to catch up on after this course.

Anyway, here's my submission for this weeks assignment! Talk about getting out of your comfort zone! Abstract painting! I have never actually done a canvas before, so this weeks assignment was quite overwhelming.

But Lilla was there to ease us into things with our mini assignment.
We were assigned two colours to work with and mine were yellow and orange! (Thank goodness I have recently overcome my aversion to yellow!) We were asked to collect items of these colours from around the house, and to create a series of lines, dots, textures and markings to scan in. 

 Then the assignment arrived: Create an abstract piece of artwork using only your TWO asssigned colours. Add floral motifs, geometrics and at least one word. Our target market was 25-45 year old women. I usually go for the kids market approach as most of you would know, so this was a tough ask for me. 

I was feeling really nervous about this one, so I started off just using my scanned textures...

 ...but Lilla was right! You just don't get capture the texture and quality of real paint work.

So I dug up some old canvases (I have always intended to try to paint one, but never quite found the time!) and just got started. 

I tried not to think to much about it (as you can see!) and had several pieces on the go at once in the hope that this would free up my style a little bit...

...but once things started to take on a more interesting look, I got scared of ruining it, and scanned it in to complete on the computer! The below image is what I scanned in as completely hand created.

 Then I started adding some layers of texture.

The large collage of the paper bag area was really bothering me and not even introducing a bit of contrast pink was helping things!!
So I simplified things back a little and in hindsight I really love this above image. I think I will revisit this project and tweak this one a bit more.
But I ended up pushing it a bit further down this path.

Before ending up here!

I imagined it as being a rather large scale piece something like the below.

In the end I actually really enjoyed this weeks project. I have been wanting to create some canvases to hang on our walls, and at least now I feel like I have a starting point to create them. In terms of working in this industry, I would love to focus on the kids market (OF COURSE!) and can't wait to try some of the things I have learned to create some kids art.

This week is the GIFT market and Lilla already has us doing some weird and wonderful things. I am hoping to create a brilliant piece this week to finish off the course on a high!


Rebecca Jones said…
Great post Danielle! I loved your artwork this week, and it was really interesting to see your development process. Looking forward to seeing what you do with kids wall art!
rachael schafer said…
lovely work, danielle! and having the time to write and post aka blog about it is also impressive.
Susannah said…
i love this piece- as someone who 99% paints on canvas, paper or panel, it is inspiring to me to see ways i could incorporate digital! i haven't blogged since this class started! and my "babies" are 3 and 5 so a little less work these days (ahem, some days!)
Raymond Jurisic said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks everyone. It is pretty challenging keeping up with everything at the moment, but it's nice to finally have something creative to blog about. Sorry about the typos - I think I have fixed them now! (Was typing late at night with one hand and a baby on my in the cold light of day I see the mistakes!)

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