Friday, October 19, 2007

Desktop Meme

I have been "tagged" for the first time, by the lovely Alicia from my place over the hill. (Thank you for yet another learning opportunity Alicia!)

So from what I understand this means that there is at least one person out there curious about my workspace. I have sort of extended the interpretation of this tag to give you little taste of my work environment!

So, this is my little room where all the creative stuff happens, and this is what I stare at most days! I love working infront of a big window looking out into my backyard. I have also "filled an awkward space" with something I was thinking of using for my title bar on this blog. What do you think? I would welcome any thoughts on this!

1. I am always printing out and collecting things I love from what I find on the internet.

2. Incase you haven't noticed, colour is my favourite design element and I am constantly collecting colour palettes that I love. I have a little tin of colour chips from the local 'Bunnings" that I use to put together palettes!

3. OK, so not technically in my work room, but it would not be a day at the office if I did not burn the bum out of the kettle and set off the fire alarm! (Must get an electric one that turns itself off!)

4. I resisted the whole 'Wacom' tablet thing for so long, but when my husband bought me one for my birthday I could hardly knock it back now could i?! Now I couldn't live without it!

5. Couldn't get a decent shot of this cupboard, but it's my favourite! I was my grandmothers and it's full of lovely paints, sketches, ideas and other cool arty stuff! Hhhmmm I should visit the contents more often!

6. Boxes - yep. Have started packing up my work room in an attempt to feel like we really are going to move into our new house at some point in our lives!

And of course it would be impossible to work without the company of our gorgeous Maggie. She has almost fully recovered from her scare a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the diagnosis of Addisons Disease and the wonderful world of medication that she now needs to be on for the rest of her life! It's so good to have her back!

She's sleeping on a cushion I made years ago when I used to do the craft market scene! Ahhh, there you go - didn't know I could sew did you?! (as well as any self taught crafty I guess!)

And now I in turn would like to TAG the lovely Shannon over at Aunty Cookie. If you are not already familiar with this hilarious crafting and design genius get over there and check her out. She's a local Melbournian and a wonderful freelancer I used to use back when I had a "real job".


Alicia Padrón said...

Oh Danille! Don't know were to sart..
Well your work space is beautiful and sunny!! Love it.. Look at that window! It must be wonderful to sit and work there. You are so graphic in your work and in your space it shows too.. Love the way you displayed all the pictures in the blog, looks so beautiful.

I absolutly adore the cupboard! It's beatiful.. wish I had one of those :o)

Uuuuhh I recognize one lovely print hanging on your wall... very nice! ;o) ( Thanks for that... :o))

Yes! I love you header design for the blog. It's going to look wonderful... all that color on top with the white background you have on your blog.
It's going to pop!

It's wonderful to see were you work. Thanks fro sharing!!! :o)

Alicia Padrón said...

I forgat to say that Maggie looks adorable sleeping there...She is sooo cute. I'm so glad she is better :o)

shannon said...

I really wanna see your pinboards close up!! I love a good sticky beak. Very jealous of your view out of a window, youll see my view when I show you my space, its quite sad - and totally uninspiring.

Your header design is great, so you allover!

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Carly said...

This blog gets better and better. well done!! I love visiting. Oh, and that's great about your blog putting you in touch with a long lost friend!

hey i found this:

I don't know if you can view it, so for your reference, it's a pic of John Howard with Karak. A video in fact. I guess this may be the closest you will come to meeting the PM??

Kelly Medina said...

I love seeing people's work spaces. It is such a peek in to who they are.

I think the graphic you came up with for your blog would look perfect. Such bright, youthful colors and wonderful characters.