Monday, October 29, 2007


Welcome to a wonderful new week! As promised, I am starting off the week with my 'INSPIRATION MONDAY' posting in the hope that it will motivate a week full of ideas and creativity for all of us!

I just love living in Melbourne and I can't help but focus locally again this week, so here's a few things I discovered on a visit to the Kids In Style trade show I attended earlier this year. It was part of the Life in Style trade show which is coming up in Sydney next, during Feb 2008. Check out this link for details.

This was my pick for the whole show! These gorgeous bean bags are from Cocoon Couture and are made from vintage fabrics that feature cute appliques on pin wale cord. I would love to have a couple of these in my new house, and I also just LOVE the beautiful wooden tree in the background of the photo! I want one of those too!

Cocoon Couture are based in Torquay, Victoria and they also make other great kids products such as library bags, cot quilts and gift cards. Check out their website to place your orders, look for stockists in your area, or to just search for more great products.
Don't forget to check in again next Monday for another "inspiration" hit to start off your week.


Hollabee said...

omg, was reading more of your posts and came across 'spotswood primary' 'local'...You must be close to us then..We're in Newport.
Also read you reply to Lara's stiching night should come's so much fun. I'm going again on the 25th of November (well..thats the plan).

Love your illustrations...and inspiration Monday is a great idea!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This is so beautiful Danielle. Love that tree too. :o)

Kelly Medina said...

Those are fantastic bean bags! They really make my bright blue plastic (?) material one I had as a kid look like I was sitting on an old tire! heh.

Great pick Danielle and thanks for the inspiration - this just planted another idea seed!

Danielle McDonald said...

Delighted to have inspired a few people this week! Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments! I have another great one planned for next week!