Monday, October 15, 2007

When you wish upon a star

I have been leaving comments (on some of the blogs I have been reading) about how much admire sketches and working drawings, so I thought it was about time I posted some of my own. This is a character sketch that has evolved and developed into a couple of other characters, but there's something I like about this sketch that was not captured in my computer adaptations of this one!
And the thing about wishing on stars - it's true! We have had a really big WISH that we have been trying to make come true recently and the good news is that it just might happen!
So here's an update since my last post:

1. WE NOW HAVE ELECTRICITY at our new house! The electrician finally came yesterday, so last night we went and turned on *EVERY light in the house! We are SO close to moving now! An inspector from the council is coming tomorrow to give it a once over, but it looks like it could happen this weekend!! FINALLY! Will keep you posted!

* (Only briefly, as we are actually very aware of trying to be energy efficient etc!)
2. MAGGIE'S DIAGNOSIS: We finally have an update on Maggie. Our vet has confirmed Addison's Disease. I don't really know much about it, but I am meeting with the vet today to learn more, and to find out how we can now manage it. This should improve her kidney functions from what I am told.

3. PYJAMAS: Had the final sign off of pyjama ranges last week, and all artwork and documentation has now been sent off to the factories. Can't wait to get some strike offs! I am now working on a budget pyjama range for the same client, and have HEAPS to do before another meeting with them tomorrow! Yep - that pressure thing again that I thrive on!

4. NEW PROJECT: I have been invited to a meeting with one of my clients later this week to consider working on a brand new project that they have on the cards. Can't say much at this stage, but am excited and will let you know how it develops.

That's all I can think of at the moment, except that my wonderful parents are visiting this week from the country, and I hope to find the time to spend some "Quality time" with them!

A special thank you to my "IT" specialist (that's you Raymond J) for encouraging me to create links to previous posts so that new readers know what on earth I am talking about!


Hollabee said...

Hi,Thank you for your lovely comment. I love 'discovering' new blogs, and yours is fantastic, I love the drawings you make. Will be back..for sure!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Hey Danielle!
This sketch is really good. Love him with the bunny slippers :o)
I'm sorry about Maggie, at least you know what it is now and they can treat her.
Hurray for your pajama project!! and hurray for electricity on your new home!!! :o)