Thursday, October 4, 2007

Maggie update

I could not bring myself to post anything yesterday. Maggie was so sick. We brought her home after the ex rays and she just did not seem to recover from the anesthetic, and in the morning when she still could not stand or walk, there was a teary dash back to the vet.

I can't remember if I have mentioned that we got her from someone who could not look after her anymore, and we were told that her dodgy front leg was a deformity that she was born with. Well the ex rays have shown that it was actually a pretty nasty fracture that was not repaired. This was pretty devastating to hear!

We were still convinced that her illness was more than the front leg (which she actually seems to manage pretty well) and further test have indicated kidney failure. She needs to stay at the vets for a few more days and they still need to do some more tests so we still aren't sure of anything yet. I guess will I (try) to keep you posted.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Oh Danielle....I'm so sorry :o(
Really hope she gets better.. Stay positive and give her lots of hugs... You have a friend from the other side of the globe wishing her well.

Danielle McDonald said...

Thank you so much Alicia. It's wonderful to have your thoughts and best wishes. She's coming home tonight, but has to go back next week for more tests, so we can't wait to see her.

EC (Lisa) Stewart said...

Oh. I just posted a comment on your "Blue" entry. I didn't realize you were having medical issues with your pup -I'm so sorry!! Being a staff for 4 cats and a huge pet advocate, I know how difficult is it is to have sick babies. Best of luck, I hope Maggie gets well soon.

Carly said...

Aww Dan, your poor Maggie. I hope she's doing a bit better now. I know you will both give her lots of love and cuddles. Give her a cuddle from me too!