Thursday, January 3, 2008


Best wishes for a fabulous and inspiring 2008!
I am really excited about the upcoming year with a long overdue holiday on the horizon (well, you know - an actual trip somewhere that is!...could it even be the belated honeymoon that we never really had?!) We hope to be heading off to Tassie for a few weeks over February! (That's the state of Tasmania for all of you international readers!)
I am smug with relief to already have several projects lined up for the new year, and have already been researching some new opportunities that I will share with you as I go. I also have quite a few new products and ranges hitting the stores in the next few months so I thought it was about time I shared some of this stuff with all of you.

There are some great new Inspiration Monday's already lined up, and if we can find the charger to our camera (missing somewhere since the big move and I am not sure how it has lasted this long before finally going flat!....hhhmmm shows you how much we use it!) then I also plan to share the development and decoration of our new house as it becomes our home.
There will be more Illustration Fridays, and hopefully lots of sketches, thoughts and ideas to be shared, and I hope to even get into a bit of crafting - inspired by some of the wonderful blogs I have been reading.
This morning I have had the luxury (ie "time") to explore some new blogs and sites, and I have updated my links. There really is some amazing stuff in there so check it out when you can and let me know your thoughts.
I am excited beyond words to have discovered that Bloesem is now doing a special new blog BLOESEM KIDS which obviously specialises in kids stuff! I always feel like getting creative after visiting her site!
Well take care and keep up your comments, thoughts and emails - it's a fabulous motivation, and it has lead me to some wonderful sites and some great people. Thanks again for all of your support!
Don't forget to check back on Monday when "Inspiration Monday" starts back!


lil kim said...

Hi Danielle! Thanks for your comment on my blog - congratulations on your house in Braybrook! Your studio looks amazing!!! A few renovations needed before mine looks anything like that... at the moment i'm in a tiny room which is mostly still filled with boxes... but soon.... soon...

hey since we're so close we should get together for a coffee or something! thanks for getting in touch and happy new year x

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Thank you for your kind comments, they are very meaningful. May your new year hold many blessings for you.

Alisa Haggard said...

Danielle - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I'm so glad to be introduced to your work! You have such a great sense of design, and all your animal characters are so fun! I will be stopping by often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle! Lovely New Year image and can't wait to hear more about your new digs! I'll be checking things out on Monday!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Carly said...

Oh my gosh, Dan, this is so awesome. You've really taken to the blog. It's got some great pictures and inspiration :)
I hope your 'internet date' with your new blog friend went well :)

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks Carly. Met up with Lil Kim and we had a fabulous afternoon! Nice to have a local illustrator/blogger nearby!