Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Thank you to everyone for your kind words on my Inspiration Monday. I am really enjoying this segment and can't wait to do the next one. Meanwhile, I am kinda officially back in the office ... ah "studio" this week. Here's a quick rap of the week so far:

I started with week with an "internet date" on Monday. I discovered that the very talented Lil Kim had just moved into the suburb next door to me only a few weeks after we moved into our new place. We could not resist the temptation to meet up.

Kim found this great cafe for the meeting and we decided to bring some work to share with each other - perhaps more as a "I'll be the one with the black folio" rather than the one holding a red rose! Anyway, we chatted for three hours non stop - like long lost buddies. I had a fabulous afternoon and it was so lovely to share experiences. Sometimes when you work at home it can be a bit isolating, so it was great to just get out and about. We hope to do "studio visits" next! Thanks for a great afternoon Kim. Will chat with you soon.

Our cafe meeting experience was enhanced by a wonderful exhibition of children's art on the walls of the cafe. The exhibition was organised by a group called Gallery Sunshine Everywhere. This clever group promotes the art of students of all ages from Schools in the suburb of Sunshine in Melbourne's west, through exhibitions, cards, calendars and more! What a great concept. Check out the website if you get the chance. Sounds like the sort of thing I would like to get involved in.

Had a call from an old friend to see if I was interested in a new project to create a mascot. We had teamed up on a pretty successful mascot project a couple of years back, and I am excited at the prospect of working with her again. (She's such a great talent - Hi Al!) So hopefully we will get the go ahead. It's a tight deadline, but I am not due to get busy again for a few more weeks, so the timing is great!

I have finally tied up the signing of my first book contract. (Um, yes the work had already been completed! Is this the norm?!) I can not believe how scary it was to sign on the dotted line! It was so daunting to have a 15 pager for a first contract! It's not enough that we have to be creative genius', but we also have to be accountants, business people, marketers AND lawyers!

And for the record, YES I did get the contract professionally assessed first! Anyway, after some emails, phone calls and hours of going over the fine print, it's done! I had the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach afterwards. Not because I am not happy with the contract, but because I hate negotiating and dealing with that side of things. I am definitely not in this game for the money - it's not about that for me, but I just want to cover my own butt on the legal stuff. Has anyone else suffered over this as much as I have? I'd love to hear any of your contract experiences.

Anyway - am still sitting in my pyjamas - eek, yes, on a "work day", so I had better get moving. They have forecast another two days over 40 degrees (over 100 Fahrenheit) tomorrow and Friday, so if I don't get things done today, I will have no hope later in the week. Have a good one and if you are a Melbournian - stay cool!


Alicia Padrón said...

Oh... that sounds wonderful.. to meet up at a cafe. I wish I could of been there. He, he.. although nobody is inviting me... maybe I shouldn't auto invite myself ;o)
But really how wonderful that you guys live close by.

Cool! A mascot! I'm sure it will happen.

Wow I'm sure it must of been very stressful to do all the book without signing... but everything came out OK. You are sooo right, we have to be a little of everything... even a bit lawyer if we want to make it in the freelance world. But that's the price to pay for doing what we love, right?

Congratulations Dan!!! I'm so happy for you :o)

Danielle McDonald said...

Yeah Ali you are right! I would not have it any other way!

Alicia Padrón said...

Hi Dan! I know your are online... cause I just got your comment ;o)
I wish you too were coming to New York!! I really do :o(
Maybe we can plan for next year!

Hollabee said...

Thanks for your comment.

How good is the west ;) I really love it and wouldn't move back to the east (even though we're thinking about it...boyfriend might get a job in Clayton)
Thanks for the link to the Granary, I must check it out and maybe we'll meet there ;)

I can imagine your feelings when you signed, it's the hard & not so fun bit but I think you did well getting it assessed first etc.

Looking forward to new illustrations.

roz said...

New to your blog and just wanted to congratulate you on the contract signing success and on the great work you guys create!

roz said...

Oops...don't know why I said, "you guys"! the work YOU create.

dintoons said...

lovely designs on your blog, very inspiring and joyful... and full of creative love!! :o)
have a fantastically creative 2008!!

Danielle McDonald said...

Thank you for all of your great comments and support everyone!
Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads this and it's so nice when people leave comments. Welcome to new readers too and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Carly said...

wow, your weeks are SO productive! i really have to get some tips from you on how to make the most of working solo!

as for the new mascot and book - great exciting news! you have done so well, and proof that your dreams will come if you work hard and are patient!

a cool change is here, thank god. i blogged about the heat, it's a way to procrastinate a sleepless night!

Carly said...

ps: about the west - i cant believe how scared some people are about venturing over here! it's got a great vibe and is much easier to get around.

i know people who have lived in melbourne all their life and have never been to highpoint!
me, on the other hand, made it a goal to visit all the shopping centres in melbourne in 12 months of living here!